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My Karate Journey 

I wanted to get into Karate even when I was in school. But my Dad did not think it necessary for me to learn martial arts. On the side I had been attending few classes of our native martial arts (Nattu adi) of Kanykumari dist. But was not very enchanted by it. So when I was away from home, during my initial days at Engineering College in Tirunelveli in 1985, I also joined a Karate class. There started my life long relationship with Karate with a local style. Our master got some police job and left and we became part of an authorised style based in Malaysia called Karate Budokan International. Our Sensei Vijaykumar was based in Trichy, and our instructor was Senpei Vanajan. Our classes were in St. John's College campus, Playamcottai. Attended classes till I finished my Engineering in April 1989. By then I was a basic Brown Belt (4th Kyu).

Then I moved to Mumbai in search of a job, and here was looking for suitable Karate dojos, and few months passed. Then saw an advt. for a Karate tournament in Andheri and just went to see the fights and happened to meet my present master Sensei Ainul H Shaikh who was also with the same style Budokan, and so joined there as a Brown Belt. His classes were in Vikhroli at Vidyamandir School. So started my bond with Vikhroli. There I used to practice until late and sometimes even took classes when other seniors were absent. Attended most tournaments, and took part only in Kumite (sparring / fighting). Initially lost some tournaments, then started getting bronze and silver medals...and slowly progressed to getting Gold medals. In 1993 was promoted to Black Belt. Also was shortlisted from West zone by Traditional Karate Federation of India for a National Tournament at Talkatora Indoor Stadium Delhi. I was disqualified as my opponent got hurt and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches on his right eye brow. 

Our Master had hosted an Open Karate tournament in Dec. 1994, in which I won the Gold Medal in my category.... and went on to win the Grand Championship trophy in kumite. Then had been to Dehradun for another All India Tournament. Have won quite a lot of Gold medals in various tournaments in Mumbai.

Then had been to Oman in 1998..but could not join any Karate classes over there. Then when I was in Qatar, had practiced and taken classes at Indian Community centre.

Then shifted to Tbilisi, Georgia (old Russia) and from May 2003 and was practicing in SKA (Army Training Centre) with some Shotokan Black Belts. They were a really tough bunch.

Then was transferred to Sharjah in March 2005...and joined a class called Golden Dragon Karate near Mobile round-about and practiced under Sensei Balan.

In January 2007, was transferred to Kuwait and there got the opportunity to visit two Karate classes. One belonged to my friend and relative from native place Sensei Nelson. His students were mostly children so assisted him with his classes. And the other class belonged to Sensei Manoj & Sensei Suresh, and they were kind enough to allow me to train there. And sometimes even took classes for senior belts. Here there were adults as well, and I used to have good Kumite training sessions with the senior students on Fridays (at Don Bosco School, Salmiya, Kuwait).

And in July 2008, got a new job in Libya and reached here. Found a new class here as well, attended for few months, but the class timings were not convenient, quite far as well, and mostly kids..and no kumite.. so lost interest.

Meanwhile, during my holiday trip to Mumbai in September 2008, attended another tournament at Kalidas Hall, Mulund and got Gold Medal in the Black Belts above 30 years category...and also participated in the Grand Championship fights and lost my last fight, and was 1st Runner-up.

In January 2009, my master awarded me a honorary 4th Dan Black Belt, in recognition of my continuous practice and kumite prowess.

In October 2009, visited Kuwait and again had a Kumite session on 2nd October at Sensei Suresh & Sensei Manoj's dojo in Salmiya.

During all my trips to Mumbai, I make it a point to visit our headquarters  in Vikhroli and continue my Kumite sessions..with any one willing to fight. And our Master is kind enough to allow me to do so.

Had started attending classes on Saturdays at VGC Club (Victoria garden City) at Lekki, Nigeria. But had to stop it due to transportation issues.

So.. am continuing with my Karate practice since last 25 years... and still active in Kumite (fighting / sparring) 


Posing with my collegemate Prakash Kingsley at a lodge in Mumbai in Nov.1988



Front Kick

Frontkick performed at a lodge in Mumbai in Nov.1988



Kumite competition

During a tournament at Priyadarshini Sports Complex - Mulund, Mumbai.


Kumite competition

During another tournament at Priyadarshini Sports Complex at Mulund - in Sept. 2008.





Flying Sidekick

This was taken at our Headquarters of Karate Budokan International in Trichy in 1988





Striking a pose

At home in Tripoli, Libya - March 2010






Kumite (Fighting) GrandChampion - 1994

Receiving GrandChampionship Trophy at Samajwadi Hall, Vikhroli in Dec. 1994



Flying Sidekick

At a garden in Tirunelveli Town in 1989



Flying Sidekick

Taken at a sea shore near Gujarat during one of our Karate Camps



Kuwait visit in 2009

At dojo in Kuwait with Masters



Striking a pose

At home in Tripoli, Libya - March 2010



Striking a pose

At home in Tripoli, Libya - March 2010



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